About miss auto d’elegance

The Miss Auto D’Elegance program was established in 2019 as a contest for young aspiring women who had vision and dedication to serve the community through our various charity programs such as the Children’s Hospital and Mental Health awareness foundation. 

Since then the program has evolved to cater for exclusive events,with a key focus on raising community awareness for these charities, lead by the Miss Auto D’Elegance ambassadors.

Our Team

Managing Director

Michael Kim

Organizer and host of Beauty Pageants since 2006, Michael have worked extensively with various charity programs and functions to raise awareness and promote community events across Victoria and NSW.

Founded Entourage Media and Sydney Motoring Group to strengthen the collaboration of the automotive community.

Media Director

Angela Kim

Media Director and coordinator for Entourage Media since 2013, Angela has created the media contents and digital art for all the events and charity groups. Contributing creative arts and promoting community awareness through social media platforms and print media.

Director of Fashion and Model Photography

Tony Palliser

Founder of Studio 49, Tony is a reputable Photographer with extensive experience in the Beauty & Fashion industry. Tony will add unique artistry and exquisiteness to the Beauty Pageant, ensuring all contestants have a memorable portfolio to take away from the show.

Director of Automotive Photography

David Revers

Heading up the Car Photography space for Sydney Motoring Group since 2016, David has worked extensively across all the car shows including coverage of Hot Import Nights and all the Miss Auto D’Elegance photoshoots and events. With an amazing portfolio in the automotive, fashion and branding industry, David is instrumental to the success of the program media paltform.

Creative Director

Pedro Virgil

International Celebrity Photographer and Judge of Carribean Next Top Model. Our newest member of the team will be leading the creative aspect of the events and photography. Pedro’s world class talent have also been instrumental to taking the program to a new creative level with our exlcusive VIP photoshoots.

Makeup artist and Hair stylist

Vicky Chen

Vicky will be leading our make up team, her extensive experience working with international celebrities and movie award nights adds the perfect touch to the Auto D’Elegance team. Vicky is also a highly qualified make up artist instructor with her own studio and school teaching at the top level of make up artistry.


Eric is our most renowned Hair Stylist who have worked on various International Fashion Shows and a long list of celebrities. Eric suucess is testament to his ownership and management of his network of top level hair salons in Sydney..